FAQ / Pricing

How much does it cost?
I need to see it to be exact. Every project is different. Custom paint varies on every level. I can give you a “Ball Park Figure” via email or phone (please provide pics if possible) that is all it is..a Ballpark! I cannot guarantee price until it has been observed by a Professional Artist first. An Estimate is just that an Estimate.  A written Quote will be Honored here at Dallas Airbrush., and we are :) Very Very Happy :)  to write you one, so set your APPOINTMENTS!!! (please view contact page)(link)
Do You Offer Classes?
Not very often… but keep your eyes open on the Airbrush Classes Page (link) As of now we are pretty busy with projects and do not have a lot of spare time to give classes. but you never know maybe on a rainy day!
Where is Dallas Airbrush located?
See contact  page(link)
What address do I ship to:
Please ship to:
Dallas Airbrush
Attn: David Tidwell
3905 Bexhill Dr Plano,Tx 75025
bigger items such as cars,  etc will need to be delivered to shop address. see contact page(link)